Customer Satisfaction

“Great idea, cheap and easy way to save water and money!!”

 – John, Leeds

“I placed my order with you yesterday, the Interflush arrived today and is now installed and works a treat. Thank you very much for the quick response and for such a clever, simple and effective device. I shall be spreading the word.”

- Jeff Perkins

“I have recently purchased one of your flushing devices for one of my toilets at home and was very impressed with it. I would like to purchase two more.”

- Mr E. Archibald

“Thank you so much for the 4 kits (ordered yesterday, delivered and fitted today!). The quality of the product is most impressive, high quality plastic mouldings and superb instructions with just the right pictures to illustrate them. The whole idea is brilliant.”

- E J Rand , Cornwall

“I quite recently purchased two Interflush devices and after some initial nervousness about drilling holes in important bits of my toilet I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to fit. The Interflush is particularly helpful to me as I have a water meter installed, but even if I had not, I would still have purchased the Interflush.”

- Mr J. Russell

“David, thanks for the video it was very helpful and made it simple to fit. It works a treat, just what I have been looking for and I will certainly tell my friends about it, thanks again.”

- Mr L. Fretwell

“Interflush received today and fitted in about 20 minutes. Works perfectly. Excellent product, thank you.”

- T. Carder, Brighton

“Thank you for sending me one of your Interflush devices. I had it installed by a local plumber last Friday and it is working well. Although we are not short of water in theLake District(even though we have had a dry spring) I am keen to save water in principle and should like my friends to follow suit.”

- M.Wane, Windermere

“I thought you would like to know that I have just had a refund of £50 and my monthly water and sewerage payments have been cut from £16.50 to £9.50. The Interflush isn’t wholly responsible for this but I estimate it saves between 1/3 and 1/2 of the water I would formerly have used in flushing the lavatory, or about 1/10 of my total water consumption.”

- J. Parfitt, Bristol

“I must say that the thought of drilling into the siphon seemed to be a very final and scary step to take.  However, it was quite easy with the drill bits provided, although I did make a better job of the second fitting than the first. . . I have only recently changed over to metered water, and so have been keeping monthly readings of usage to see whether it was worth exercising the option to change back or not.  So I am fairly confident that the Interflush is saving 80 or 90 litres per day.  This works out as £70 plus off the annual water bill, as well as a saving of about £10 on salt saved because the water softener recharges less often. The cost was £28 for the two kits from you, and £5 for a new flush handle and spindle, so that the fitting was compatible with the clamp units provided.  That means that I shall recover the costs in less than six months. Well done, your contribution to saving the planet.”

- Peter Hennell 

“I purchased the Interflush device, and have since emailed the inventor to say how impressed I am. It’s more expensive at £20 or so including postage than the original dual-flush device I suggested, but there are two major benefits with this. One is because it works with siphons, it’s impossible to leak in the same way a valve flush can leak. That means you can merrily go on holiday for a fortnight and not come home to find the toilet on constant flush costing you a fortune on a meter! The other benefit is you only hold down the toilet handle for the amount of water you need, which I’ve found actually uses far less than its dual flush equivalent. Fitting it is reasonably easy, you need a gap of a couple of centimetres from the top of the siphon to the toilet lid, then a couple of marks of a pen later, one large hole and 4 small holes with the drill bits provided (that are marked up so they can’t be drilled any further than necessary preventing you damaging your siphon), job’s done. It really is clever stuff yet incredibly simple. I hope this encourages others to consider this device and I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with the results as I am, in particular having peace of mind that the siphon can’t leak like a valve does so you know one of these will be even more efficient than the dual flush toilets that are so highly recommended by our government.”

- CitySlicker , Money Saving Expert Forums